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from John Turner Tracey and Brandon's Wedding

Hi Karen and Ray,
UNBELIEVABLE! Thank you so much. An absolutely amazing job. Tracey had told me how impressed she was when she met you and in your follow-up conversations. When I got to meet both of you and observe your down-home professionalism. It was a perfect match. You offered suggestions, you assisted when you saw we could use the help, and you offered words of advice and comfort. You each helped to make sure memories were captured. You are two wonderful people and it was my pleasure to have met you both. The pictures you took were exquisite and really captured the joy of a perfect day. Thank you!
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on September 16, 2008
 I'm so glad you were happy with the photos, we certainly enjoyed meeting you all, and think that Tracey and Brandon make a beautiful couple! Thank you for the nice compliments, word of mouth advertisment is our "best friend"! 

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