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High School Senior Portrait Information 2009-2010

img 7052 pp
img 7052 pp

Please remember your session fees are due the day of your appointment. We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

Fees for studio location only (includes indoor and outdoor poses) $50.00
Fees for studio and one location (beach or park) $65.00
*A proof book with 24 4x6 proofs is included with the session fee

Clients can relax and be themselves in the laid-back atmosphere in my studio – resulting in better portraits. We can afford to take our time with you and your session and produce better portraits, over the mediocre photography offered by the school’s contract studio (they are usually rushing students in every 15-30 minutes).

Mission statement: To offer quality photography at a reasonable rate, in a family friendly atmosphere, without all of the hassles and pressure you experience with a big studio.

Information Regarding Senior Portraits (updated 6.1.2009)

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img 2646

Our images have been successfully submitted to area yearbook advisors, for addition to the High School’s yearbook, with no problem. (*Please remember that most schools have early yearbook deadlines; so scheduling your appointment June through September is recommended, if you plan to use one of our images in the yearbook). Although, students can also go the school’s contract photographer (usually Prestige) for the “head shot” that will be used in their yearbook, and then come to our studio for a complete indoor/outdoor session for the rest of their portraits.

You are invited to personalize your session with your instrument, sport uniform, car or friends at no extra charge. (Note: Pets are $10 extra)

We offer a variety of indoor and outdoor poses from traditional classics, head and shoulder shots and wacky, creative ideas. All photos can be made black and white at no extra charge.

We have a black velvet drape, with Velcro closure, to fit most sizes. We have several different sized tuxedo shirts and jackets, from small to 2XL. We also have most local school colors in the cap & gown (with tassel), but suggest you call first to make sure your school is represented.


What to expect:
First, expect to have a great time, because you will. It’s OK to be a little nervous at first, but you’ll soon relax with our easy-going manner and fun props and photography style.

Plan on arriving 10-15 minutes before your scheduled time to freshen up and check your outfits. We will spend a few minutes with you to find out which photographic styles you like best. Remember, we want you to have fund—and being late will only result in you feeling rushed and less time spent on your photography.

Bring your favorite music, we have a CD player available to the camera room, and we like all kinds of music. So bring a CD or pick from our CD collection.

Be sure to wear one of your outfits to the session to save time. Pick the one that you consider most traditional. It’s OK to bring more than the recommended number of outfits if you’re not sure what would look best – we will help you pick the most photogenic one.

When choosing your outfits, keep in mind the most important thing is that you like them. You’ll want to bring as much variety as possible. Most seniors choose some casual and some dressy outfits. You may want to avoid sleeveless or very short sleeves, because upper arms can be very distracting, especially in womenGuys- for the more traditional portraits, a suit or sport coat with a tie is good.

img 7494 pp
img 7494 pp

Medium to dark sweaters photograph well. For casual and outdoor photos, comfort is the rule – jeans, shirts, sweaters, shorts, sweatshirts, etc.

Girls- bring the colors and outfits you feel best in. Dresses, (even formals), sweaters and lace for a more traditional look. Bright colors, patterns, skirts, jeans, shorts. If you like an outfit, it’s probably because you look good in it, so make sure you bring it! All white is great for special high key effects, and looks great with blonde or light hair.

*Often shoes will show, so they should compliment your clothing; changes may be necessary with different clothing styles. Many prefer barefoot poses.

If you wear glasses most of the time, you’ll want to wear them in your portraits. To eliminate glare or reflections, call your optician and arrange to borrow a pair of empty frames like yours, or have the lenses removed from your own glasses. Most opticians will gladly do this for free (make sure you give them plenty of notice though.) This totally eliminates glare and distortions and is the most important way to improve your portraits if you wear glasses. It doesn’t take much effort – and it sure makes your pictures look better!


Too much sun darkens your skin unnaturally, dries out your hair, makes skin appear shiny and greasy and shows bags under your eyes. Strap marks will show as white marks on draped poses or bare should poses. These cannot be retouched. Keep your tan even. Don’t overdo the sun for a portrait, it looks great, but use in moderation. Sunburn is a real problem – cancel your appointment and reschedule if burned.

Try to have your haircut and/or perm at least one week before your session, to give it a chance to “fill in” a little. Don’t try a radically different haircut or style – chances are you won’t feel it expresses the “real you”. Don’t cut it until you have seen your previews too.

Here’s a quick hint that will gently enhance your portraits (girls and guys too!): Just before your session, stand two feet in front of your mirror. Dab a small amount of cover-up make-up on any noticeable blemishes. That’s it – if they’re gone in the mirror, they’ll be gone in your photographs!

We work very hard to bring out the various facets of your personality; so make sure you bring your favorite hat, musical instrument, sunglasses, hobby, letter jacket, wheels, uniform, sports activity, or anything else you feel would show off the “real you”. Don’t forget summertime activities! No idea is too crazy, and since we’ll only try a few poses with it, you have nothing to lose – so go for it!