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Question   Rick and Mary at the Barn
Karen, thank you so much for taking our pictures, I love them, even the crazy one's. I will treasure these photos forever, they are my life , our blended family is very unique, and I know it was hard to figure out who belonged to who. Such a task working with 20 people and Eyn and Chase, but you gave us precious memories. Forever grateful Mary

- mary Johnson 4/4/2014 6:36:54 AM

  Answer Thanks, Mary! We enjoyed being with you and all of your gang that afternoon, and we love your blended family, that's what makes y'all so special! A great group of people, and I'm so happy you liked the way the photos came out, like you say, "even the crazy ones"!

- Karen J.  4/4/2014 12:03:01 PM

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Question   pics
thank you Karen, for the graduation announcements and proof book. They look wonderful!!

- michelle selvaggi 5/12/2012 5:19:52 AM

  Answer Good job Karen!! I want to buy them all. Kennedy is such a (HAM)

- Brenda Smith  4/11/2014 10:35:21 AM

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Question   rachel S
ok karen, we chose the pics we want. It was sooo hard. You were so patient with us and so nice.
Thank you very much. Hope to use you in the future for a family photo.

- michelle selvaggi 11/13/2011 4:54:32 PM

  Answer Thanks Michelle, that is very sweet of you. Rachel is a beautiful girl! I wish we could have made it work out for the family photo while your son was in town for the holidays, but maybe we can find a date that works for everyone's schedules this spring!

- Karen J.  1/7/2012 2:37:36 PM

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Question   Ring Dance GFHS 2010
You did a fantastic job capturing the night with your pictures of my son and his friends for ring dance at GFHS for 2010! Great work Karen!

- Betty Fields 11/27/2010 11:36:47 AM

  Answer Thank you for the compliment, Betty, I enjoyed meeting everyone and I am sure they all had a wonderful time!

- Karen J.  11/27/2010 2:48:39 PM

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Question   Autin Leis Senior Pictures
Karen you have always done a great job with all of our family pictures! I realy love Austin's senior pictures! You really did a great job. Thanks for always being so flexible and accomadating! Thanks also for adding his Drum Major pictures after the fact! I have had alot of people want your information after they look at the pictures you do for us!

- Connie Leis 9/28/2010 9:43:54 PM

  Answer Thanks Connie! I have enjoyed watching your children grow up over the years. I think Austin was probably around 5 or 6 years old the first time I remember doing photos for you! Now, he and Sara are grown and I think you and Gene have done a wonderful job raising them, they are two wonderful young adults! Thanks for passing my name along, that's where the majority of my business comes from.....happy people!

- Karen J.  9/29/2010 4:43:44 AM

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You shouldn't have done this to me! How will I ever decide! The pictures are great!

- Cheryl Todd 9/16/2008 7:23:45 AM

  Answer These children are just beautiful, what can anyone say? Now, you'll just have to fill up all of your blank wall space with photographs! There are some really precious facial expressions of Garrett, and it's hard to believe how much Hunter and Erin have grown since the first time I photographed them...almost 8 years ago!!! Time flies. Glad you liked them!

- Karen J.  9/16/2008 7:51:53 AM

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Question   Tracey and Brandon's Wedding
Hi Karen and Ray,
UNBELIEVABLE! Thank you so much. An absolutely amazing job. Tracey had told me how impressed she was when she met you and in your follow-up conversations. When I got to meet both of you and observe your down-home professionalism. It was a perfect match. You offered suggestions, you assisted when you saw we could use the help, and you offered words of advice and comfort. You each helped to make sure memories were captured. You are two wonderful people and it was my pleasure to have met you both. The pictures you took were exquisite and really captured the joy of a perfect day. Thank you!

- John Turner 9/2/2008 5:52:13 PM

  Answer I'm so glad you were happy with the photos, we certainly enjoyed meeting you all, and think that Tracey and Brandon make a beautiful couple! Thank you for the nice compliments, word of mouth advertisment is our "best friend"!

- Karen Jones  9/16/2008 7:49:10 AM

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Question   Our session
Thank you for the wonderful photos capturing our 4 generations. You did a beautiful job. Your back yard is the perfect place to have photos taken. Thank you for the ideas and your patience and kind spirit. Look forward to returning with my hubby and our whole family!

- Jennylou Sciancalepore 5/28/2008 12:46:39 PM

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Question   billys family
Hey Karen,

I love the photos of Sheila & Billys family. The excitement of Santa coming is shown in the expressions of Gabby, Connor, Dylan and Ryan. You captured the beauty Christmas that rings in their home and lives. You are doing a great job with your photography. Your website looks great. Tell the boys and Ray hi and have a merry Christmas. Maybe we will see you on the 22nd at our family Christmas. love Jinky

- Jinky Davenport  12/12/2007 8:07:56 PM

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Question   A-Team Engagement Pictures
Mrs. Karen you did a great job and we really appreciate all that you did for us. It was so much fun and you definitely have a talent. You're right...the hard part is choosing which ones that we want! :)

- Allison Dunning 4/24/2007 6:41:14 AM

  Answer Allison, I'm so happy that you and Alan liked the photos, I really enjoyed being able to capture the two of you "just being you", and am looking forward to the bridal portrait session!

- Karen J.  4/24/2007 9:30:40 AM

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