2015 OFS Alumni Reunion        slide show (48)
Group and individual photos from Oscar Smith High School's "All Class" reunion held at Shriner's Hall in Chesapeake, VA on October 17, 2015

Bethany H's photos 6.2016        slide show (108)
Ever known someone whose inner beauty shone through in their personality? Well, I've got the perfect example for you right here! Bethany looks gorgeous! Love the outfit choices, I think they worked out really well, and we had such a perfect day for the photos to boot. I have a few "favorites", but I'll be interested to see what you decide are yours!!! Thanks for sharing your girls and your afternoon with me, it was lots of fun!

Brittany and Bryon's Photos        slide show (90)
What a cute couple these two make! They have so much fun together, and it is obvious they are in love from their expressions! I can't wait to see the photos on the wedding day...which isn't really too far away. Thanks for spending the morning with me, I think we got some really cute shots, and I hope you all like them too!

Examples of Pregnancy and Newborn Shots        slide show (144)
Just a various sampling from some of my maternity shots, and some after their babies arrived!

Ilana P's Grad Photos 2017        slide show (103)
I love Ilana's personality! She has such a beautiful and natural smile and it's easy to see that she loves to have fun, and I suspect is the woman everyone gravitates to at any function! Everything you'd ever want into one cute little package, so those army guys better look out!! Congratulations on your accomplishments and best of luck in your next adventure!

J.T. and Christopher in Uniform - Oct. 2016        slide show (44)
Okay, now, let's be honest here...there is just something about a man in a uniform that is striking! I love this idea! J.T. is retiring soon and Christopher finished his stint in the Marines recently, so what better way to celebrate and remember this special time in their lives than a father son portrait? I love them! Thanks so much for sharing this special part of your life with me!

Jeffrey and Diane Vow Renewal Photos - 2016        slide show (150)
What a great thing to be celebrating! With all that's going on in the world today, it is such a pleasure to find some happiness and genuine love to photograph! I've known Jeff just about all my life, and he couldn't have possibly found a better soulmate than Diane! I loved the gardens, there were so many choices for the photos, and even though Jeff was battling a "bug" of some kind, he was a real trooper and held up well for our photo session. The boys were handsome, as usual, and Pattie looked very beautiful too. Thanks to Jeff's siblings for coming out to show their support and getting in a few of our photos too. It was a beautiful day! Congratulations!

Johnston H's Photos - Summer, 2017        slide show (65)
What a good looking guy, and super nice too! Johnston has an awesome smile, and that "clean-cut" All-American guy look! I love his easy going and happy spirit! It was a pleasure seeing you and your parents, and I wish you the best for the future. I think we got some nice photos, and we really didn't have to rely on too many props to help us along, the cheesy tree shots were fun, and I always love the natural settings outside.

Kayla and Chris' Engagement Photo ...        slide show (145)
What a beautiful day, and not just one - but two wonderful celebrations! Kayla's birthday and their engagement photos! The Pagoda Park was a perfect location, the sun was shining and everything went perfectly (meaning Kayla was surprised!), just like Chris had planned. I'm so glad I was asked to be a part of this special time in your lives, and I wish you all the best with the wedding planning and your future as Mr. and Mrs.!

Lauren D's Photos (private)        slide show (100)
Beautiful girl, beautiful dress! Sassy

Ned H's Photos - Fall 2012        slide show (104)
Ned has such an easygoing disposition and a great natural smile. The areas around the yard and dock were just perfect for out photo session, the leaves were beautiful and I love all the natural stone and different settings we found. I don't think Ned imagined we were going to end up with nearly 100 photos, but that's what happens when you have one of those "natural" subjects! I hope you like them, I think we got some nice shots.

Rebekah and Nick's Engagement Photos ...        slide show (171)
Okay, don't forget to "Save the Date"!!! October will be here before we know it, and those beautiful fall colors and temperatures will be right around the corner! We could have used some of that cooler weather today - I think Nick was really happy he had more than one shirt to change into (and how about those skinny jeans on the last grouping...maybe we should have done those first!) We really couldn't have found a more beautiful location for our photos, and I enjoyed capturing the images of Rebekah and Nick, just clowning around, along with the more serious, posed shots. It's just always nice to be able to see the way couples interact and to give them the ability to see their love through someone else's eyes! I hope you like the photos, I think there are some really beautiful shots of you two in there!

Regan and Zach's Engagement Photos        slide show (132)
We were able to get the weather to hold off and the wind to be nice to us for that window of time during our photo session today! In between the hurricane and nor'easter, we had to be really creative with a date and a time, but I think we nailed it! I love the easiness these two have together, and we got some really cute smiles and we all decided Zach had no idea he was getting so many photos done today! Boy, will he be in for a surprise on his wedding date!!! I am so glad we chose this location, and your outfit choices were absolutely perfect. Thanks for giving me a couple of hours of fun to offset our crummy weather! Hope you like the photos!

Shmuel S's Bar Mitzvah and Family Photos        slide show (266)
Here's to multiple generations of beautiful people! I really enjoyed photographing these families, they were all wonderful subjects, and we had some laughs together. I'm glad we decided to use different places in the temple for the photos, and I love the ones of Shmuel for his formal shots celebrating his Bar Mitzvah. I think the giant family group photos are just beautiful, and I hope you like them as well! Thanks for allowing me to capture such a special memory for you and your families.

Sima W's Bas Mizvah        slide show (300)
Sima is such a precious young lady, you can just tell by her demeanor what a gentle soul and kind heart she possesses. It was a beautiful day for her party, and the setting couldn't have been more perfect. We loved being a small part of your special day, and hope our photos captured the true spirit of your celebration. Your speech was awesome!

Taste 2.0 Norfolk - 9.24.17        slide show (176)
Today was filled with lots of Great Food and all to support a Great Cause! The FoodBank of Southeastern Virginia, sponsored this amazing event and 6 downtown restaurants participated today. The participating restaurants were: The Brick Anchor Brewhouse; Freemason Abbey; Sweet Teas Southern Cuisine; Gershwin's; Lamia's Crepes and The Barrel Room, each restaurant offering their tastiest dishes to participants in hopes of being declared "The Winner"! And, they didn't disappoint! The winner was Sweet Teas Southern Cuisine, with their offering of fried chicken, mac 'n cheese, collards and fish! Ah-mazing!!! Personally, I enjoyed them all, and will definitely be planning some lunch and dinner time visits in the future!

TASTE 2.0 Virginia Beach - 10.15.17        slide show (162)
Another beautiful weekend! The weather couldn't have been nicer to celebrate tasting all the various restaurants' offerings today! We enjoyed sampling sweets from The Royal Chocolate, Just Cupcakes and It's Sugar! Some amazing appetizers from Twist, Bravo, The Yard House and Sonoma, plus wonderful samplings from McCormick & Schmicks and Tupelo Honey to boot! Today's winner was Tupelo Honey, who served up their Shrimp and Grits, Pancake topped with Bacon and Maple butter, and a taste of Banana Pudding! It was all delicious!

Tiffany D's Photos (private)        slide show (137)
As usual, the sun was shining bright and the temperature was a bit warm outside this afternoon (it's never 70 degrees when you want it to be!), but Tiffany was beautiful, and Zoey was just precious. Although, I do have to say the pesky mosquitoes did sort of kill the mood for a while. All of that said, I think we got some awesome photos there, and I also like a good number of the ones we did in the studio, There are some priceless Zoey faces, and I love the praying shot. I hope you will also like them, and just let me know what you decide regarding the portrait. Thanks for spending the evening with me!

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