Anne L's Family at the Beach - Summer, ...        slide show (151)
Wow! Can you say "windy"??? Well, we definitely had a good little breeze to contend with tonight! Even though it may have taken us a while to find a place that was "not so gusty", I think we ended up getting some really cute photos. William and Meriweather have grown so much since last year, and who would have ever thought our secret word would be something so crazy? I'm calling the evening a big success! Thanks for being so patient, while we tried to find just the right place tonight! It was great seeing you all again, and I hope you will like the photos too.

Anne L's Family at the Beach 2017        slide show (88)
We had a beautiful night on the beach (even shared the beach with a wedding party!) tonight. William and Meriweather were spot on tonight for their photo session, with great smiles and those precious personalities. Seemed like it didn't take any time to get our shots in tonight, and even though there was a bit of a breeze blowing, the temperatures made for a calming effect. I feel like we got some good expressions and great smiles, so fingers crossed, there's a "Christmas card photo" in the mix! It was nice seeing you all again, and I hope you like the photos.

Bob and Linda's grandkids - July, 2016        slide show (97)
Okay, so we had a really not day for our photos, but thankfully, there was a good bit of shade really close to the parking lot at the park this afternoon! Our first thought was doing more than one location inside the park, but I think we all quickly agreed that we would not look our best when we arrived at destinations farther away! Tyler, Taylor, Olivia and Caleb (plus Linda and Bob) were all good sports about having the photos done, and I think we ended up with some really precious shots! And, no one was injured in the process!! So, that's a good day! Thanks for sharing your grandkids with me this afternoon, they are all great people!!!

Brooke, Jay and the boys - 2018        slide show (52)
Well, this photo session was quick! It's great when the kids are grown up and everything goes so smoothly! Like Brooke said, we remember the years when chasing kids around the dunes and them doing flips and such were the "norm"! We even had the birthday girl, Molly, join in for a few shots! The weather was great (we made the sun come out I think) and the beach was beautiful as always! Great seeing you all again, and hopefully next time Emily will be here too!

Brooke, Molly and the Gang at the Beach -- ...        slide show (137)
What a miracle we had tonight with the weather!! Thunderstorms in the afternoon, then just enough of a break that we were able to squeeze our photo session in! It literally started raining again when we were on the very last 5 or 6 shots! But boy, once it started....we got drenched!!! This year, we were joined by another great group of people, Monique and Dominique, plus Jay, Bauer and Ethan! It was a fun time, and everyone was super cooperative and made it easy to get the photos done in between the thunderstorms! Thanks for being good sports!! Hope you like the photos!

Cassie's Family - Christmas 2016        slide show (140)
It's always good to see old friends! I remember like yesterday, meeting both Cassie and Dereck, and now I'm taking photos of their (nearly) grown children! It's fun to see how their personalities all mix and how much they enjoy being together! Even though it was a bit on the chilly side outdoors, I just love some of the photos of the whole group on the woodpile! Hope there is one in there suitable for Grandma! Color coordination was spot on, and that Mason is just a trip! Nice to see you all, and I hope you have a great Christmas (I know it will be a fun filled place!).

Dave, Tina and Raven - Christmas, 2018        slide show (59)
Well, we went from nearly 70 degrees to 40 in a couple of days, so that put a bit of a damper on the outdoor Christmas photo session today! Poor little Raven would have froze to death, if we'd done all the photos outside! We did get a few, plus we used the indoor Christmas set too, so it ended up working out, but I had been hoping we'd get decent enough weather to primarily focus on outside shots! Oh well, I think the velvet dress Tina picked out photographed beautifully, and we got to show off a little bit of baby Ronan (who won't make his official appearance until April, 2019)! I love how easy Raven is to photograph, she is such a sweetheart, I wish all the children I come in contact with were like her! I hope you like the photos, and I appreciate you remembering me!

David, Debbie and the Dogs - Christmas 2018        slide show (27)
What a beautiful afternoon we had! Nearly 70 degrees and relatively sunny, couldn't ask for anything better in the early part of December! Maggie and Alfie drug David and Debbie from spot to spot, but everyone was a good sport and I think we got some great photos! Of course, it's hard to get everyone looking in the right direction at the same time, especially when you add animals to the mix, but all in all, I am happy with the way these photos turned out! I hope you like them too, and thanks for allowing me to capture Alphie's "adult" photo! He's a big boy!

Deanna, Robbie, Kennedy and Emerson - Nov. ...        slide show (115)
Love this family! I have missed seeing these guys and was so excited when we scheduled their appointment! We had a beautiful day (maybe a touch chilly) and there were tons of other people who had the same idea! I love the setting, the barns are great and the water with the pathways, who could ask for a better location? Kennedy and Emerson did great (love some of those faces Emerson gave us!) and Robbie and Deanna always look good, so it was a win/win for me! I hope you like the photos, I enjoyed being with you all again!

Dory and Chad's Family at the beach, ...        slide show (116)
Wow! What a difference a year can make! Claiborne and Charles have grown up so much since I last did the family photography, and they are both truly beautiful children! We had a beautiful evening on the beach, the weather was so perfect, maybe a little bit windy, but at least no rain! I love the evening light at the beach and tonight didn't disappoint! There are so beautiful shots and I think you will have good luck finding the right image for your Christmas cards this year! Millie was very cooperative and she fits right into your family! Thanks for always being flexible and for helping to make everything run so smoothly!

Dory, Chad, Claiborne and Charles - Summer, ...        slide show (101)
I just love it every year when I get to see this family, and see how much the children have grown! Well, it's obvious, they are becoming more beautiful every's just amazing! Sorry Charles, I guess I should make a point to say you are more handsome every year! I enjoyed spending time with you all, and although it seemed like I hardly got to "just talk" to you, since there was so much going on with sickness (and me bringing visitors with me too), I think we ended up with some really nice photos! I appreciate you and your family inviting me to share in your vacation memories each year!

Garnett Family - Summer 2016        slide show (109)
What a beautiful night on the beach! We had quite the crew for tonight's photos, but that was a good thing! We employed Elizabeth, Ellie, Nash and Mary Catherine as helpers for pulling out those smiles and distractions! Even though there were a few minutes we felt like we might not get any "Christmas card" worthy photos, we ended up with a lot to choose from! You just never know what you're going to capture, and you just have to trust your gut!!! I love some of the expressions on Muscie and Alexander's faces, and I'm pretty sure Layla wins the "longest tongue" award tonight! I enjoyed seeing you all again, and meeting your sweet friends tonight. I think you will be able to find some real "gems" in our photos this year, and I can't wait until next summer!!!

Helen's Family at the Beach - Summer ...        slide show (175)
Another beautiful evening on the beach! We have been so lucky this past week with the weather! I can't believe how much Muscie and Alexander have grown over the past year! My old body has a hard time keeping up with these boys some nights! There was definitely lots of energy going around, and thankfully we had some props to keep their attention for a few minutes, to allow us to get some nice still shots! It was nice to have grandpa's extra hands along with aunt Beth's, because we had to find lots of bunnies to look for! I think we got some good ones, and I love those little faces! Thanks for sharing your evening with us, and I hope the ice cream was good!

Lang L's Family - Summer 2017        slide show (202)
Oh my goodness, did we luck out! The weather forecast called for rain and then lo and behold, somehow it just "went away" and let us get this photo session done! It may have been a little humid and toasty, but I think we ended up with some great photos of Jackson and Emma (and mama too)! I just love children's innocence and the natural facial expressions, that just doesn't measure up to getting those fake "cheesy" and forced smiles you sometimes end up seeing. I love the beach and the evening light is just beautiful! I hope you like the photos and am looking forward to meeting the rest of the extended family soon!

Laura J's Family Photos - Spring 2017        slide show (47)
Laura, Steve, Bella and Turtle made my job 100 times easier today! We got right into the studio and "took care of business", even though we ended up having to switch out the less cooperative baby ducklings for another set! I love how the color scheme for your clothing works so well together in the photos! The kids were sweet and I think Turtle really enjoyed playing with the ducklings! Thanks for allowing me to capture these memories for you, and I hope you like the photos!

Matt, Krista and Hannah - Nov. 2016        slide show (94)
Hannah has such a cute personality, we had a good time "exploring" the many faces of Hannah (most especially when dressed in hat and scarf) and had lots of laughs along the way. We determined that she can't "do" serious, and loves to throw out her own ideas! Krista and Matt were good sports, and we got some nice family photos, both inside and out! It was fun, and I enjoyed seeing everyone again, and I hope you like the photos!

Raynelle, Ryan and Kylie - January 2017        slide show (134)
Oh my goodness, what a precious little peanut! Kylie is so stinkin' cute, and little Miss Itsy Bitsy! We had a good time coming up with the different settings for her photos! Funny they would bring a 5 foot tall stuffed bear and I had the other bears already! Great minds! It was a bit of a challenge to get the helmet shots (with it sitting right side up), but she really relaxed when we flipped it over! She pretty much wasn't having any parts of the bed, but we decided it was the longest she'd ever stayed awake, so that was a first! Thanks for spending your afternoon with me and sharing this precious little baby girl!

Robert, Ryan, Noah and Grayson 2017        slide show (158)
Oh, the many faces boys can make!!! This was absolutely priceless! Noah and Grayson both have the most precious personalities, and I love these expressions! Takes me back to the years when my boys were in this stage of life, and those were THE BEST times! We had a good day, got some cute photos and even played a little football! I hope you all like the photos and I enjoyed seeing you all again and getting to meet Grayson and see his little sweetness in action!

Ryan, Kristin & Trey at the Beach 2017        slide show (205)
Oh my! I felt so bad for little Trey tonight, he was not feeling very good and we couldn't get that bright little smile to come out too often, but I think we still ended up with some cute photos. You guys make a beautiful family and I hope you will be happy with the way the photos turned out. Maybe next time I see you, Trey will be raring to go! The beach was beautiful and no biting flies were there to make us crazy this time. I love the way your colors all blended so well, even Lang had the perfect dress on to get a couple of shots with Ryan. Thanks for sharing your evening with me!

Taylor and Dougherty Family at the Beach - ...        slide show (122)
We weren't sure if the weather would hold out, but we had such a beautiful evening on the beach! The colors all blend so nice together, and we got lots of smiles (for the most part) from everyone! Plus, we had a lot of fun with the photos. Thanks to all the kids (and adults) for their patience, and to Ray for the "entourage" support! I absolutely love the shots where you can see the effects of the storminess in the clouds, and the sky was just awesome (even though the wind was whipping up a little bit!). I enjoyed spending the evening with you all and hope you like the photos.

The 3 Sisters - Cindy, Janice and Michelle ...        slide show (100)
Oh what fun! These girls are definitely a hoot, can't imagine what growing up together would have been like! I'm an only girl, so I think it would have been nice to have a partner in crime! No matter what we did, inside or outside, goofy poses, changing didn't matter, those smiles were there throughout the whole ordeal (yes my flashes made me kooky!). Think we got some cute ones, and I hope you like them too!

The Clark's at the Beach 2017 - ...        slide show (157)
Oh, I can't stand the cuteness of these photos of such a beautiful family with a new puppy! It's the sweetest thing ever, seeing how much Claiborne and Charles love Millie already! I am absolutely in love with the shot of Charles holding her paw! onto the "people" pictures...I am so impressed by how much the children have matured and I love their personalities! It's always a pleasure to see you all, but tonight was just plain great! I'm so glad we had a pretty night on the beach and I think we got some really cute photos! Hope you like them as much as I do!

Trey, Lauren, Savannah and Molly - Spring ...        slide show (151)
Some of my favorite people! Love these silly little girls! As you can see, we had some fun laughs today during our photo session.....could it be the bunny ears....or just girly silliness???? Either way, it made for some cute candid photos! Lauren coordinated everyone's colors so great, and who knew how well it'd match with the azaleas? We had a beautiful evening and I think we got some cute photos! Hope you like them too!

Walter & Jennifer's Gang - Summer 2016        slide show (78)
What a beautiful evening we had for our photo session at Oak Grove Park! After all of our 90 degree weather, with the sopping wet humidity, we had a gentle breeze, overcast skies and temperatures barley over 80 tonight! It was good seeing Josh again (it's been at least a couple of years) and Hannah and Brandon make such a cute couple (plus Ellie, who actually did quite well)! Our families have been friends for over a couple of decades, which makes us sound really old! I think we created some beautiful memories! Hope you like them!

Walthall Family Photos - Fall, 2016        slide show (141)
Thank goodness we waited the weather out for a couple of days! Today was absolutely beautiful on the water, and having all these great looking subjects, just makes my job so much easier. I love the blue and white color scheme, and Brooke's beautiful eyes and her personality just sparkle! Even though we had a tongue issue with Lady, I think there are some really cute photos in each one of out categories!! I enjoyed spending the afternoon with you all, and I hope you like the photos, I think we got some genuine smiles from each one of the participants!

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