Children        slide show (86)
Here are a few samples of some of the children we have photographed recently, to give you an idea of what you can expect.

Amie's Family - Spring 2017        slide show (126)
Each of the three of these children had their unique personalities, and we tried to use that to our advantage during the session. I love some of the candids where they were just cracking up with laughter, they are so natural! Photos with six baby ducklings can be challenging, but I put these three up to the task this afternoon, and we soon found it was next to impossible to hold on to all six at one time! But, it did make for some fun moments trying! I didn't even realize the girls were twins until Amie mentioned it at the very end of our session, I think that's really cool, having someone to share everything with while you're growing up! I think we have some really cute photos here, and I hope you will agree! I appreciate you bringing the children by this afternoon for photos, I enjoyed meeting them and seeing you again.

Ava Kaye's Easter Photos - 2015        slide show (64)
Look at this precious little girl! Beautiful blue eyes that almost matched perfectly to her sweet Easter outfit! Not quite too sure what she really thought about the baby ducks, but at least she wasn't scared of them. I love the pictures where she is almost "touching" them, they are so sweet! Thanks for bringing her over this afternoon, I think we got some really sweet photos, and I hope you like them too!

Baby Darren @ 3 months!        slide show (104)
Now look who is all grown up! Little Mr. Chubby Cheeks, compared to where he was anyway! I love the dimple and his smile is just so cute. He was really talking to me that day at my mom's, so I was glad I brought my camera, and so happy we had that glow worm!

Baby Darren D's Photos        slide show (132)
Sooooo cute! Even though Darren slept through most of his first "photo shoot", I think we got some really sweet photos! I love the angry angel and some of the ones with Katie are just beautiful. I think they will be treasured for years to come, Darren will never be this little again! I loved doing the photos of my tinest model and posing him all around! I can't wait for another month when we can do the Christmas photos! Love ya!

Darren at 1 year old        slide show (134)
Cutie pie! Love this sweet little face, no matter what the pose or outfit! But, I always do have a few "favorites"! Love one of the elf shots, one in the pot and the giggly one in the white chair! There are lots of cute ones to choose, so I hope you all will enjoy this precious little boy as much as we do!

Darren at 8 months (6.21.11)        slide show (141)
Such a sweet boy! Love that little face! I took the liberty of taking some props to mom's house when she was babysitting last week and poor Darren had to endure a photo session!

Darren D's Easter/Spring 2011        slide show (137)
My, my, how quickly they grow! Darren is really filling out and getting his own little personality! He loves to stick his tongue out (I don't think he really means anything by it...) and has the cutest little smile, toothless, of course! We had a lot of fun with the photos, not sure what he thought about those two little ducks though, and he pretty much was ignoring the bunny most of the time! Until the end...when he got a little scratch (you'll see the photo). All, in all, it was a good session and we got some really cute photos!

Darren D's Easter/Spring Photos 2012        slide show (80)
I just love this little man! He has the sweetest smile, and those eyes that are so expressive, just makes you wonder what he must be thinking! He did great with the baby ducks, even though we did get a flying lesson of sorts! It was fun, no problem, the baby will be fine! I love the fireman raincoat and his expression of pure happiness, so cute. The fishing pier is also funny, in some of them he looks so grown up! Great job today, Darren, you rock!

Dory and Anne's Children at Beach 2014        slide show (92)
It's always fun to see how much children change over the year, and I'd have to say the two girls' made the biggest changes in this foursome! All beautiful children, and always fun to photograph, which makes the sessions go quickly! Love the girls' matching dresses, and the boys' casual," just another day at the beach" look! I think there are some cute shots of each individual grouping we did, and I hope there will be something you like for your dad's birthday photo! Looking forward to seeing each group again in another month or so.

Elijah M's Easter Photos 2014        slide show (57)
Just look at this little cute guy! I absolutely love the innocence of these little ones, it makes the whole day special, when I can spend an hour or so with precious children! Elijah was a little unsure of the babies at first, but I think he warmed up just fine. We did have a harder time once we took the babies outside, they were just so excited to be outdoors that it was hard to contain them, but thank goodness, Emily came to the rescue and sat in for a few photos with Elijah. I was glad to meet your little man, I'd heard your mom talk so much about him! Hope you like the photos!

Emily's Children - Spring 2017        slide show (122)
What a sweet sibling pairing! Elijah is so proud of his little sister, Evelyn! And, OMG, what a precious little smile she has!!! Even though we may not have gotten as many shots with the baby ducks as we had hoped for, I think the ones outside are just beautiful! I am so glad you were here when the azaleas were in full bloom, they coordinated so nicely with the colors in the children's outfits. I'm also glad I was able to get you and your mom to jump in those shots at the end, I think they are so sweet! Thanks for sharing your babies with me this afternoon and I hope you have had a good visit and will return to the area permanently real soon!

Gabriel and Noah's Christmas Photos - ...        slide show (76)
How precious are these two boys!!! My first photos with Noah, and I think he did really good! Gabriel's an "old pro" at doing the picture thing, although he was having a time trying to get that perfect smile going! Love the matching pj's, and we even got a few shots with mom too! (But we missed grandma today) It was a good to see you again, and I hope you all have all recovered from the experience! I think we got some cute shots and hope you will like them too!

Heather's Family - Spring 2017        slide show (71)
How precious is this little cowboy boot wearing cutie? Even though things didn't quite go "on plan" for our photos with the baby ducklings today, Annabelle was a real trooper and made it through! You just never know how the children will react, so it's good we had a "Plan B" to head outdoors and grab some family and individual shots in the beautiful weather. I think we got some cute photos and I hope you will be pleased too! Thanks for sharing your family with me this afternoon, I enjoyed meeting Chris and Annabelle and seeing you again too!

Hunter D's 3 month photos - Oct. 2018 (private)        slide show (105)
Well, take a look at this cutie pie! Hunter is such a sweet little thing, we had a great time today during his photo session, and got a few smiles, and plenty of baby faces! I look those expressions we eeked out of him, and that little turkey hat, oh my! I am excited to see what you end up liking the best, you know I have my favorites already! Thanks for bringing that sweet boy over to brighten my morning!

Jacob E's Christmas Photos 2014        slide show (83)
What a sweet little munchkin! I was so thrilled when I found out these two amazing young people had become parents, I can't think of a better pair to raise a little child! Jacob was in the best mood and we got some cute jammy photos, plus that awesome hat! Glad we got outside, even if it was only for a few minutes, and we were a little chilly, but I think the photos show the colors and those little blue eyes so well! I hope you like them and that they will be a nice Christmas surprise for the family!

Kennedy and Emerson - Summer 2015        slide show (139)
Yay! Got to visit with my sweet girls again today! Emerson has grown so much since the last time I saw her, and what a beautiful child she is!!! Big sister, Kennedy, is a cute little firecracker herself! She has learned some cheers and was happy to show me just how to do them! I love the matching dresses, and think we captured some really cute expressions today! Hope you like them too!

Kennedy F's Easter Photos 2014        slide show (81)
This little cutie pie, is one of my favorite people under 3 feet tall! Kennedy has so much spunk and such an infectious personality, you can't help but be in a happy mood after she has come into the room! I think we got a lot of great facial expressions and love the ones with Deanna and Kennedy together too. I hope you like them, and I appreciate you sharing your morning with me for the photos!

Langston J's Photos - May 2015        slide show (57)
Just take a look at this little sweetie! Langston was so precious, and he really wanted some candy! There are lots of cute ones to choose, so I hope you all will enjoy this precious little boy pictures as much as me! Great job today, Langston, you did awesome for your first time!

Liam G's Easter Photos 2014        slide show (57)
What can I say? I love a man in a suit! This little fella is just the sweetest thing you ever want to meet, and he did such a great job posing for me! He was just a little concerned when we put the "real" ducks in the photos, but he did fine, even though he let us know when he was tired of them! I love the little suit and tie though, and I am so happy that he let us capture those little teeth in a couple of shots! Thanks for sharing him with me, I really enjoyed seeing him again! He's growing so fast!!!

Madeline's kiddos at the beach - Summer ...        slide show (117)
First of all....I LOVE these kids! They are always so easy to photograph and their personalities are amazing! I think this is year 14 for their pictures, and I have enjoyed watching them grow up! Davey is so intelligent and has a great spirit, full of dreams for the future! Ellie is just beautiful, and could be a model! You can tell she and Henry love their sports too! Henry is just so cute and has that easy natural way about him, how could you not fall in love? I think the photos this year are great and they showcase each of the children's individuality perfectly!

Owen M's Photos - Summer 2018        slide show (102)
Well, this is something! I have known James for the better part of 25 years or more, and now he is married, with a child of his own! Little Owen is just precious, and what huge brown eyes, like his mama! Gabby is beautiful, so James, you did good! We even got Jimbo and Angie here for a few shots and then went out to celebrate a great birthday dinner. I truly enjoyed meeting Gabby and Owen and think we got some great shots of everyone! Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with me that afternoon, I hope we have many more sessions in the future!

Pat's Grandchildren - Spring 2017        slide show (162)
it's triplets!!! I can't even imagine what it's like having three children at the same time! I'm fortunate to have survived one at a time, so I give this family all my admiration and support! The girls look so pretty in their matching outfits, and it also blended well with my little yellow duckies. Summer, Autumn and April all did good for their individual shots and even though it may have been a bit of a challenge to get them all looking at the camera for the photos of the three of them together, I think we got some precious pictures. I hope you will like them too, and thank you for sharing your three precious girls with me this morning!

Quinn's Christmas photos 2017        slide show (26)
Well, this was short and sweet to say the least! It's one of those "it's all good until the baby wants something to drink" moments for sure, but I think it the very short amount of time we had her attention, we got some cute photos! Thanks for bringing her over and next time, we'll get it exactly right!

Raven's Christmas Photos 2016        slide show (58)
How cute are these little pig tails??? Raven is so precious, I love her little smiles, and when she laughs it's just so "Oh, Raven"! I think we got some really sweet little expressions, and you can see she really isn't quite as shy as she makes out to be at first glance! Hope you like the photos, it was great seeing you guys again!

Reckley Cousins - Spring 2015        slide show (85)
Take a look at these six precious children! We had our hands full keeping everyone (along with the 2 baby ducks) contained in the small studio room a few times, but we ended up with some really cute photos! I think you girls did a great job color coordinating everyone's outfits, and I love the idea of no shoes! There are good photos of all of the kids, both individually and some together, so I hope you will be happy with them too! Thanks for bringing them over, these are the kinds of things they'll remember for many years to come!

Susie's Family Photos Spring 2017        slide show (129)
Wow! It's hard to believe the last time I saw Susie was 10 years ago! Now, there's a new grandbaby, sweet little Camden. I was so proud of how good Camden did for her photos, she was in a great mood the entire time and never cried once! It might have been because she had Emberlin here to help out with keeping her entertained! Oh, and mama and daddy, so maybe that was the trick! Both the girls liked my baby ducklings and we got some sweet photos with them, plus lots of precious little faces without the ducks! Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with me for the afternoon, and I hope you like the photos!

Tavner H's Photos - Spring 2015        slide show (79)
Tavner is such a little man! He was just precious, and behaved so well for his pictures today (I did tell him to give me some silly faces and muscles in a few of them - so those aren't his fault!). I think he really enjoyed "fishing" and the hammock swing outside. He just has that easy, All-American boy fun side to him that was too cute, and I enjoyed interacting with him! I think we got some cute shots, and I hope you will all be pleased too!

Will's Spring Photos 2017        slide show (90)
What a beautiful little boy! Oh my goodness, look at those long eyelashes! I just can't say it enough, this little guy is adorable. We had a great day for our photo session and Will was ready and willing to tackle the job. He didn't mind the baby ducklings either, which is always a hit or miss with small children! But, I think he thinks I am the "raspberry" lady! If all my sessions were this easy, life would be a piece of cake!!! Thanks for sharing this little munchkin with me today and I hope you like the photos too!

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