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Here are the current choices available for the 200 print photo albums

Brittany and Bryon's Wedding - Part 1 - ...        slide show (328)
The beginning of a beautiful weekend! Brittany and Bryon look so cute together, and you can really see the love they have for each other in their faces. It was such fun to see how everyone got along so well together and all the decorating and wedding preparations being made by everyone! Come on in and enjoy the party!

Brittany and Bryon's Wedding - Part 2- ...        slide show (289)
Welcome to the Onley Place, today - home of the purple and teal! Everything looks beautiful, not just inside, but hey -- check out this bride!!! Love that dress, just like Cinderella! Bryon is a handsome groom, and I think we could all say he was a surprised groom when he found out Brittany was singing to him today! Not sure there were too many people that didn't have tears at that point! The whole wedding party looks great, and I'm so glad we were able to do a few group shots before the sun disappeared! But, yes, it was a bit chilly!

Brittany and Bryon's Wedding - Part 3 - ...        slide show (304)
Welcome to the party! I'm talking fried chicken, barbeque, dancing and karaoke! I hope you can tell that this was a huge success! Congratulations Brittany and Bryon and here's wishing you many, many years of love and happiness together!

Jessica and Ean's Wedding - Ceremony ...        slide show (390)
Lots of different angles on the ceremony! Hard to decide what to delete, so here they all are!!! Love some of the posed shots afterwards too!

Jessica and Ean's Wedding - Reception - ...        slide show (135)
The cake, the garter and bouquet; special dances and decorations --- can all be found in this group of photos!

Jessica and Ean's Wedding - Reception ...        slide show (178)
Beautiful setting, beautiful couple, glad to be a part of this celebration!

Jessica and Ean's Wedding - The ...        slide show (314)
Jessica and Ean look like the perfect match! Thor and Wonder Woman! Seriously, the wedding couldn't have been more beautiful, the bride was amazing, the groom oh so handsome and the yard was gorgeous! No rain, maybe a little extra "warm", but what a terrific day and evening. Here's wishing you many years of happiness and a wonderful life together! Thanks for letting us share such a special part in your big day!

Regan and Zachary's Wedding - Part 1- ...        slide show (262)
You can definitely tell there was excitement in the air this weekend! Regan, June, Ted and the rest of the crew had the place looking good!!! I love the color scheme and the choice of decorations, the flowers were awesome and it was just right, not overdone, just right! Dinner at Freemason Abbey was amazing, as always, thank you Debbie! Now, fast forward to wedding day and check out these handsome guys and beautiful gals getting the bride and groom ready for their big day! Lots of fun with friends and family!

Regan and Zachary's Wedding - Part 3 - ...        slide show (312)
Now, the party can begin! Everyone was ready to relax, dance, and cool off! It was a great party and lots of fun and special moments to make great memories! What a great couple you two make, here's wishing you decades of happiness and success! Thanks so much for allowing us to capture your special day in photos!!!

Regan and Zachary's Wedding -- Part 2 ...        slide show (207)
Here it is! Their big day! Yippee! Everyone looks wonderful and it couldn't have gone any smoother (well maybe those pesky unity candles could have come out a little easier!)....oh, and I guess now that I think about it, a little less wind in some of the photos by the water, but least the sun was shining...and I mean of the hottest days of the year so far!!!

Ryan and Kristen's Wedding - Part 1 - ...        slide show (307)
Well, we were sort of worried about what the weather was going to be like, with Hurricane Michael looming in the southwest and wanting to head our way! Thursday night at rehearsal, it was pretty windy and we had some rain to go along with it, but come Friday afternoon, it couldn't have been a more beautiful day for a wedding! The venue was beautiful and the bridal party ready to get things started! Kristen looked amazing and all the girls were stunning! Brogan was just the most precious little thing and loved having her picture taken. The guys were handsome and the crazy socks were a fun touch too. It was time to go on to the "first look" before we knew it!

Ryan and Kristen's Wedding - Part 2 - ...        slide show (228)
The "First Look" is such a private time, it always seems a little strange to be right there with the bride and groom, capturing that moment! I think they were both more than happy with what they saw! How could they not be???? Once we got the photos we let them have some "alone time" and then it was on to the ceremony! The sun was a bit bright in places, plus coming off the water, but the pictures do show the beautiful backdrop of the marina and boats, along with the gathering of friends and family witnessing this beautiful union of two people truly in love!

Ryan and Kristen's Wedding - Part 3 - ...        slide show (358)
Once all the "official" details were taken care of, we proceed to get in the posed bridal party and family shots outdoors, and then headed inside to the awesome party! As you can tell from the photos, there were lots of happy people, ready to celebrate the union of these two special people. Everyone had a good time, and the food was perfect! There were lots of fun dances, the photo booth, just a bunch of happy people celebrating together, and we were honored to be a part of this group! We wish you both all the happiness and excitement that life has to offer and look forward to sharing many more memories with you and your families! Congratulations!

Sara & Herman's Wedding - Part 3 (Enter ...        slide show (211)
Okay, so it rained pretty hard just before the reception, and there were lots of puddles for Sara and Herman to maneuver through on their way to the pavilion...but, didn't they look wonderful? And the Chinese Tea Ceremony was unique to most all of us who were in attendance, and what a beautiful tradition it was!

Sara and Herman's Wedding - Part 1 ...        slide show (345)
Such a cute theme for the rehearsal dinner, with school just starting and Sara's "new" job! Exciting times for sure, but the best is yet to come! Tomorrow is the big day, and you can catch a glimpse of these guys and girls getting prepared for Sara and Herman's last single days!

Sara and Herman's Wedding - Part 2 ...        slide show (377)
Love the photos from the first look! That blindfold on Herman was awesome! Truly, their expressions are just so perfect from the two of them, captures their personalities! Then all the wedding party members joined us for the formal poses, and they are a very handsome looking group.

Sara and Herman's Wedding - Part 4 ...        slide show (225)
Although these photos might not be in the order in which the events happened at the reception, it made for smaller viewing files to group them this way! You can tell that everyone was enjoying themselves, despite that pesky rain that was coming down most of the evening. As the saying goes, that is supposed to be good luck! So, good luck and best wishes galore going out to the newlyweds!

Tiffany and Stephen's Wedding - Part 1 ...        slide show (188)
What a great couple that God has brought together! And that little Zoey just completes the package! I think this marriage will be full of adventure and laughter for sure. Everyone seemed calmly relaxed, and I think maybe that was just putting it all in God's hands, instead of getting yourself so anxious about every little thing. It's always nice when you have a beautiful bride and a handsome groom to work with too! The weather ended up being great, even though we had lots of wind at the reception! At least the rain held off!

Tiffany and Stephen's Wedding - Part 2 ...        slide show (272)
We had it all! Beautiful bride, handsome groom, lots of love and no rain! Things couldn't have been more ideal, and it is nice to see such a genuine love between two people (well, three counting Zoey)! There were so many parts of the ceremony that were unique, and sweet...loved it when Stephen gave Zoey a ring too....and then, he sang to Tiffany (second time I cried that day), and I love the message of the Unity Cross! Beautiful! Once we got to the Planter's Club, we realized the wind was going to be a bit of a challenge, but all in all, we ended up getting most of the outdoor shots we had hoped for despite the breezy conditions! We'll just pretend that some of our guests arrived on the back of a motorcycle (thus the wind-blown hairdos!).

Tiffany and Stephen's Wedding - Part 3 ...        slide show (347)
Planters Club in Suffolk never disappoints! Was decorated perfectly, the meal prepared by Bubba and Frank's was great, and the company was super fun! Tiffany,Stephen and Zoey had a great time celebrating their wedding day and being surrounded by lots of their favorite people! Congratulations and best of luck to you all in your new adventure together!

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